Technology is a centralised gaming app using decentralised technologies to add transparency, ownership and trust. is available on both web (any browser or PWA) and mobile devices (iOS & Android). It was built from scratch as a powerful and capable platform that can support millions of players. We’ve invested more than 20.000 hours in research, design, development and testing while using the latest and top notch technologies available (Nuxt.js, React Native, Swift, Java, Node.js, Go and Laravel).
Moving forward this will be referred as the “centralised” part. On top of it we’re now building the “decentralised” version which will use blockchain technology to record ownership of tokens and allow owners to transfer / sell / use them without restriction.

Decentralisation and Blockchain

We’ll integrate the ERC-20 token standard for our WAM Coin into the stack, and also ERC-1155 / ERC-721 non-fungible token standards (NFTs) for the digital assets storage and trading.
There are many benefits for using Ethereum like ease of use, robustness or interoperability. However, for a platform like ours which expects relatively high TPS there’s also an important issue which is scalability (throughput).
That’s why we’ve decided to build WAM using Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ).
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