Our Story
This page contains the story about how came to be and why we believe it will be a game changer in the world of crypto-gaming. #html5 #crypto #games #hybridapp #browser

“ The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. ” - Arthur C. Clarke

Our story begins in 2007 with the first game our team has every published. Back then games were Flash and Flash was games, on the open web. Crappy graphics, low performing computers, endless hours of fun and joy with friends.
A lot has changed since including the birth of mobile games, the iPhone, Android, mobile stores with hundreds then thousands and now millions of games from developers based all over the world.

The Problem(s)

While phones have indeed progressed tremendously in the past 10 years, the users can still face some issues with low performance, limited data plan, most of the times without access to a bank card or a postpay contract with operators.
All the above create the following reality:
  1. 1.
    Making a living out of playing games is still the realm of professional eSports players who play on AAA gaming titles. This is in contrast with the big majority of users who still play casually but get none of the upsides of being good at a game and win nothing.
  2. 2.
    Gamers do not get anything back no matter how good they are at playing games or how much time they invested in developing the skills required to be good at one title.
  3. 3.
    A lot of people around the world have limited entertainment options when it comes to accessing it from their mobile devices. They cannot download high end games because it's either expensive or low performing on their phones.
  4. 4.
    Furthermore, in order to allow these users to play and make some revenue, developers are faced to stuff their games with tonnes of ads just to break even while struggling to get noticed on either Apple Store or Google Play because of the marketing costs and stiff competition.
We believe we have a better, more open, simple and easily accessible way:

Our Solution - The Global Arcade Platform

From the beginning we believed the browser is making a huge comeback as the dominant platform on the internet with hundreds of millions of people accessing content without downloading anything, private where required with micropayments capabilities.
After more than 10 years of building gaming platforms either as a service for our own purposes, in 2018 we saw the opportunity for a new platform, where people in their spare time may chose to play simple games with friends or other users and get rewarded for their skills. These rewards are in the form of WAM Coins and NFTs and can be owned and traded at will.
We then started looking to real life and saw a striking resemblance with amateur sports where hoards of sport fans ( football, basketball, rugby, paddle and so on ) come together wherever they can ( rented sports centers, backyard, public spaces ) to have fun, exercise and compete with each other.
Seeing this we decided to build a web app capable of delivering content fast, secure and intuitive to millions of people all around the world.
On every player can play-to-earn literally, no complicated mechanics or concepts and you can see your progress on global leaderboards
Then the Pandemic struck
We got to launch at a very weird, yet historical time: the declaration of the Pandemic. Watching the news and experiencing the lockdown ourselves we saw what we lacked: a fun way of interacting with friends and family, thousands of miles apart, without the need of special gaming skills or devices on an exciting new format.
As our focus is and always will be to provide the best experience for our users, we decided to create not only an add free environment, but also provide our players with the opportunity to earn (crypto) while they play.

Why Blockchain

Imagine you are given the opportunity to participate in a life changing industry which is already disrupting everything in its path, what would you do?
Would you jump in and pioneer your niche or sit on the sidelines? You know what we did: we jumped in as we believe.
The blockchain allows us to give access to in a private fashion ( you will be able to login just with your wallet, like Metamask ).
With the rise of NFTs users have ownership of their digital rewards, they can trade them on marketplaces outside, send them to friends or collect them. The important thing is: you decide.
Tournaments become secure by default making it very hard for bad actors to manipulate results, meaning your skill really does matter.
We also imagined an audacious scenario: what if by allowing users to compete for crypto rewards we actually ignite the mass adoption of crypto? What if?
If you believe that the power of pure fun with friends is transformative, join us on and be part of this journey we are on now.
Learn to use crypto and win real rewards you can own without having to think about how the tech works. Just play.
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